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Do you normally check the time for multiple cities around the world? Are you tired of converting the time difference between cities? The World Clock-Time Zones app can help you organize your favorite cities so that you can easily find out the correct local time, as well as get the most relevant time zone information about the city.


  • Accurate times, synchronized with
  • Large selection of cities from around the world to pick from.
  • Sunrise / Sunset times.
  • DST start and end times.
  • Full support for Desktop and Tablet.
  • Snapped view, so you can see your clocks whilst you work on something else.
  • Fullscreen mode, showing a large clock of the city of choice.
  • Quick access to some of timeanddate services, allowing you to quickly plan a meeting or event, create countdowns, check the weather, check moon phases, and find dialling codes.
  • Automatic database updating.
  • Upgrade available with:
  • - Live Tile
  • - Time adjustment (including meeting planner style notifications)
  • - No adverts
  • - Renaming clocks
  • - Customize color of clocks
  • - Show sun state on clocks



World Clock

The app does what it's supposed to and does it well. Disappointed with the live tile application, however. I paid for the upgrade but the live tile needs some work.


Well designed app

The free version lacks many of the functionality displayed in the screenshots. However it still works well as a quick world clock app without opening a browser, app starts up fast without any fuss and the UI is well designed. A trial version would have been nice to actually see if all the paid functions work as well before committing to buy.



very nice app. go to website and get an account. perfect for meeting planning worldwide.


5 stars for design

Easy to use, works great, need to add ability to show weather in the app instead of taken you to desktop/web site.


World Clock - Time Zone

I love the World Clock. I wish that I had one when I was working. In my position I used to send out Federal Express packages across America and to Foreign Countries and the World Clock would have helped me to know at a GLANCE when their offices were closing or opening. The World Clock every Assistant should have one. Love you.


Beautiful app

Keep track of world time in style with this gorgeous app! Lots of options and a very responsive developer. Highly recommended.


The is a great world timer.

This multifunctional world clock is great.


Upgrade to Use Feature????

Advertised as FREE Sucks

Mohammed Nasir

Extremely Limited

I'm a fan of the website but this app is crippled and has zero functionality. Every click opens the browser to take you to the website. Also configuring the live tile requires you to purchase the app. Why even bother with this app.

Live tile text

The text on the live tile is so small I can hardly read it. I can find no setting to adjust it. Surely this cannot be right in a paid app!! Can anyone advise?



Clear and easy to use, however most functions just link to the timeanddate website instead of actually doing anything. This makes the app seem half finished, but for $1.99 it's good value.





Great for those needing to work internationally

Love this app really. Always use, so having an app from them is a great thing. I would just like to be able to use it as a medium sized Live Tile too.


world clock

this is good clock that I always depend on


I use this website at work

I sometimes need to do time and date calculations. This has become my go to tool for those tasks. They have created a great Windows 8.1 modern style app. Definitely worth a look.


Sad that it no longer works

Glad that the fix came through. :)

Dr. C. Ralph

Don't bother

Following the update it no longer works. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but it just crashes on startup. Using Windows 8.1. It used to work fine prior to update. Not a good move....


windows 8 does not show a time on the tile screen. Thought this would do it with the paid upgrade and show as a tile. After your paid for it, it then says they can't show as a tile. The screen just shows as a separate full screen. What's the point.


Good basic app

Useful, meets my needs. A little confusing though when it shows the time as, say, 02:51pm - there is no such time. It's either 02:51 in the morning or 14:51 on the afternoon, isn't it? Would like to able to choose either 12 hour or 24 hour time display.


Good start but, live tile not working in paid

Live tile is now part of the paid app features but in Windows 8.1 not seen live tile update yet. I am sure it will be fixed in time (and date!) and would make this app a key feature of my start screen. Update 22/10/2013. Installed on another computer and live tile IS working. Now wonder why it isn't working on the other one?


not working

I installed this and I can not use it


Live tile not working

latest version Live tile not working. Tried uninstall & reinstall Tried small tile & large No improvement



Right Click Context Menu options don't work. Bejing is the default clock option, so I tried to move London above it using Move up and nothing happened. Tried moving Bejing down instead and nothing. Tried deleting Bejing. Now when I click London, I'm shown Tokyo! Uninstalled!



Love it


More like a trial version of a paid app

App looks great - BUT anything actually useful is in the paid version - like a live tile! SO deserves zero stars for masquerading as a free app, when its just an advertisement for the paid app.


Ripped Off

The product offers live tile, but this does NOT work !!



States "free" but actually isn't. A number of functions missing until you pay up.


Very handy for globally connected teams

I've used the web site for some time and now that I have a Windows 8 Tablet having a handy app like this allows me to quickly view all the local times for the people I work. The ability to quickly select the cities of interest and then determine appropriate meeting times is a great time saver. The integration between the app and the web site I already knew and love is great. It would be nice to create tiles for selected cities though.


Always liked it

I always liked the web based version, and the App is so much easier now, no worries to go to the net first.


Live tile please

I think this app is good but it could really do with a live tile for a defined time zone. That would make this a 5 star

Nice but could be better

Needs an ability to sort a list of locations by name, or by time, or to drag a tile to a new place in the list. That would be fantastic.


A good start

I use all the time at work as I attend Teleconferences across multiple time zones and countries. This app is a very welcome addition to windows 8. However it would be better if the links for calendar (etc.) were native to the app and didn't go to the web browser and I could reposition the times in time order and to my own order. I hope these will be enhanced in future updates. It will then be worth a higher rating, but 4* is still higher than I would place others.


Great app for me

As I travel between 3 countries quite regularly, it is great to be able to check the time and sync the clock from the app. Works very well for me, one of my most useful apps for sure.



Want to see the city names dominant in the tile - they are dominant in the detail view Want to be able to order the tiles to my preferred arrangement rather than a pre assigned pattern



I expected this to have a scrolling tile - surprise: no living tile of any kind! Have to run the full app to find out time in various cities or go to their website for any other info. I don't find this very useful - uninstalled


good but need to improve

i think the tile of the app could show the local time of differences time zone.


Great app, with room for improvement

This is a great app, it looks good, does the job. The only thing missing is live tile. Then it would not just be great, but brilliant.


Looks good and works well

Very simple world clock, my fav in app store. Looking forward to see what features are pending.


Great BUT

Otherwise great, but where's the live tile?


Time and Date again on top of things

Great useful app for a world citizen!