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Windows 8 Cheat Keys helps to teach the keys and other tips that allow users to get around quickly in Windows 8. Find shortcuts for the familiar features as well as many, many new and handy ones.

Windows 8 Cheat Keys will introduce you to keys and tips at only a few per day through toast notifications and live tile updates for maximum retention and understanding or you can now browse all available tips at once. Windows 8 Cheat Keys supports Windows 8 Search, Share, Notifications, and has an updating live tile.


  • Learn Windows 8 shortcut keys, gestures, and features.
  • Get notified of several tips daily to help build your repertoire, productivity, and, of course, impress your friends.
  • Supports Sharing. Share tips with friends by e-mail, social media, and more.
  • Search for tips within the app or from Windows.
  • Toast notifications let you know when new shortcuts or tips are available.
  • Live tile updates display new shortcut keys and tips on your Start screen.




If you have trouble remembering all the useful shortcuts for windows 8.1 like me, this app comes in handy.



Just got a new tablet and this really helps


Good Stuff

This is very helpful information in a good look.


Good tips

I wouldn't have known about these otherwise.


Wdws 8

Very info7rmative page to learn about Wdws 8, but also how to navigate quickly through it. It's helping me like it more and more, as when I first installed it, I was ready to go back to 7 in a matter of minutes. I figured there had to be something better about this operating system, You're slowly winning me over one day at a time..


very helpful =)



Helpful tips

Working app that tells me all I want to know hot key wise for Windows 8. Very helpful.


Cheat Keys Insults App Usability

Fail 1: clunkware, click tile to select and then right click to find Favorites button ( update so clicking any tile auto reveals bottom bar with Favorites button ( !!! fail... Fail 2: Favorites not implemented ( example is option or auto sort tiles so Favorites come first when Cheat Keys opens ( !! fail... Fail 3: Favorites is a skinny popup list without functionality ( sort tiles and other missing list commands glaring omission ( !! fail... Fail 4: Lazy bones, this app more than any other needs user drag-and-drop sort API ( so stupid not to include what should be your first useful App capability ( !!! fail... Cheat Keys fail list goes on and on and on ( you are not even ready for gen3 App which is device sensitive indexing ( but great platform idea here, so why not pull it out of the dust bin where you have dumped it ! luv icon...


Very nice

all sorts of things I hadn't thought of. Good for people unfamiliar with the windows 8 stuff (a lot of people I think)


Thank you! GREAT!

EXACTLY what I was looking for and should be installed as a comp with all Windows 8 products to avoid consumer frustration! I don't even mind the ads that pop up occasionally!


windows 8 Cheat Keys

Wonderful review and instructions.





Great app to have!

Nice time saver



Does what it says on the tin


New to Windows 8

Being a newbie to this OS I downloaded the app to give me a few pointers for learning to use Windows 8. Windows 8 Cheat keys is loaded with stacks of key board short cuts, I'm sure that if I learned them all I wouldn't need to use the mouse the mouse again.



I really enjoy this app, I really like the closing trick.


Very Handy

Good App Lots of useful info-makes win 8 easier to operate


If you haven't got touchscreen then its for you

I got an touchscreen, but in midnight I don't use it but this app shows you easy ways to use Windows 8 e.g, How to close a Window or use Shortcuts. Really amazing for me, so I highly recommend if you haven't got touchscreen, but if you have you might sometimes you don't use it very often then this is for you. Really easy brilliant, and is build for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.


Learning lots

Have a pen and paper ready to write yourself reminders.. There is lots to remember :) So far its all good info

Roger Jr



Cheat keys very useful

useful to get your way round the keyboard for novice windows 8 users



I like this app


Very helpful!

A complete Windows 8 newbie. Now a master!


Does what it says in the description.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Pretty neat!

This program was great for learning a couple shortcuts.


Hidden gems

There's some useful shortcut keys and touch equivalents I'd not heard of before. Good reference app


Very handy

Learned a few new keys that will be useful.



Should be a standard app with every start page!


Very useful

Very useful


Nice application, very helpful

Thanks for the tips they were extremely helpful, user friendly and better than the standard help. well done


useful shortcuts for windows 8 newbies

its good to know basic shortcuts in Win 8


Bestg Windows 8 shortcut teacher

Good app



very good


Helpful tips for Windows 8 found with this app.

I am glad I have loaded this and looked at it early after installation.


Very Useful App

Have found this app a great tool to become more efficient at getting around a new interface quickly. Recommend for anyone new to Windows 8.


Very useful

Really helped me to quickly discover shortcuts and key combinations, really useful!


Very useful

Thanks, this app really help me to work around with new Windows environment.


Good program

Excellent tips for the new user to Windows 8.



this will make things so much easier once I learn the shortcuts. Thankyou.


The best

this is seriously good app with well thought usability. way ahead of anything I saw in this category. one suggestion though: consider a user setting to have different layouts (i'd like to have 2,3 or 4 rows selector) - on my laptop I can place more item on a screen but I see only 2 rows.