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TuneIn Radio is a new way to listen to music, sports, and news from every corner
of the earth, with over 60,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs.


"TuneIn has become a powerhouse in streaming music." – Gigaom

"TuneIn Radio rises to the top among streaming music apps.” – The Guardian



  • Find and listen to your favorite artists, teams, comedians or talk hosts
  • Explore the world by listening to live radio from thousands of cities
  • Tune in to ESPN, BBC, CBS, TEDTalks and more!
  • Pin to Start your favorite stations
  • Add stations and shows to your presets
  • Play your programs in the background while you use other apps


David Alejandro

No Funciona!!!

Genial solo funciona en móviles.... es mejor no sacarla!


Should be the best

This app should be the best and most comprehensive live streaming / podcasting app in the Microsoft Store. It offers access to all the stations and podcasts you'd ever want, it is available on so many devices, and allows you to sync your favorites across many platforms. Problem is, the Windows 8.1 version of this app just doesn't work. No streaming, no podcasts, no work. Works perfectly online, on Windows Phone, on iPhone, on Android, and on my smart TV. Until TuneIn can get this app working, I'll be forced to slum it with iHeartRadio.


Broken App

Every station I try says "Connecting..."


Struggles to stream any station I try...

Not worth the hassle!


Great with one small glitch

TuneIn Radio is a great radio application with a variety of radio stations from every corner of the globe! However I hope the ability to pin radio stations to the start screen is fixed, as currently this feature does not work on my device. Lastly, where is the pro version of the application which enables the recording function?



The app is constantly crashing. Evened with a reliable internet connection it won't connect to the stations. If you can find another radio app I would highly suggest looking for another.


Very hard to connect

Tried three stations and no one play



Not working on my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet.



This version of the popular app is garbage. If you sign in there is no functionality to it. Buttons are stuck. Terrible.


Low volume and no use on portrait mode

Low volume and no use on portrait mode. Also, it has less features than Windows Phone app. Update 2 March 2014. It won't play any stations now.


fix this

I had tried this app multiple times and it just won't work properly. (with different stations)



Stops and starts alot. Lots of "fetching playlist" and "connecting" Sounds good when it works. I heart radio is better


Not Working....

Not sure why, but this app is not working...





Excellent App

So many radio stations to choose from, great app


needs a update on the windows tablet

not happy with this app FIX IT NOW


refreshingly hottttttttt

You are playing a lot of songs that I have never heard but are just good music. choices.. I am enjoying listening again.. THANKS

Miftah Rafedi

need more improvements

endless connecting process.........................



Either doesn't connect or by the time it does you actually forget you were trying to use it. Works good on android but on my surface pro is bad. I hope an update will fix the connection issues.


Interessante, ma...

Molto utile e originale. Da migliorare. Non posso ancora dare un punteggio alto; soprattutto perche' si blocca davvero troppo spesso e non riceve piu' i dati audio!


A lot of stations are not connecting

On my Surface Pro some stations are not connecting via the app although on the same device they connect when using the website via a browser. Comedy 104 etc. Most radio streams either don't load giving a stream error or take an exceptionally long time to load the stream. My Acer Android tablet has none of these issues!

Ch M Saleem Anjum

very good

Very good radio special programme world language


Cannot connect to any streams

Never able to connect to any streams. The app thinks I'm in Ottawa as well, location not working.


Good when it works, which is not often enough

Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't ... needs a lot more debugging.



I have been using tune in for a long time now, first on the iPad (till I realised what a glorified media player it was and got some proper kit), and now on a windows phone and surface pro 2. The app is awesome on the phone, and sadly terrible on the surface. Hardly ever connects to the stream (although gives no error) and on the odd occasion I can get it to work, the music cuts out constantly (again with no error). Surely, if the windows phone app is so reliable, you can get it right for windows OS? Sort it out and get the stars it deserves. The only comment on the support pages is to make sure that windows firewall is set up to let it through, really, that's the best you can come up with? Please....I can't believe with all this negative feedback that the authors haven't invested the time to fix this? If you've got the source and a debugger, how hard can it be?!?



I have the Pro TIR app on Android; always a pleasure to use 🙈


Great app except it's really slow...

Love the app but it's slow slow... any chance of a fix?


Sur tablette ASUS Windows8

N'a fonctionné que deux fois et ne parvient pas à décoder le flux.


It worked and then....

This app worked fine when I first installed. Never crashed or anything like that but now even though it shows that I have some fav channels when I click on the fav box, it opens nothing. I tried reinstalling and still same issue. so now I can't access any of the customer channel features I have set for myself.


Does not work

Don't use this app its a joke, you have a better chance with string and popsicle sticks


Good, but please enable rotation and bigger buffer

Rotation, either 90, 180 or 270 degrees all does not work. Also, the initial pre-buffer is sometimes not big enough and causes skips. If this could be increased or configured it would be great.


Great Idea But

I love TuneIn Radio on my Sonos System and it works flawlessly on my Android devices and even on my Windows Phone BUT like so many app translations over to Win 8 the implementation just isn't good. It routinely takes 5 or more minutes to connect to any stream, where on any other platforms we're looking at seconds. On windows, I just go to the radio stations website direct because this app performs so poorly. It's a shame really, I hope it gets fixed.


one station works in Australia

Keeps timing out, then It may work 2 min's latter.?


Abandoned and broken

App hasn't been updated in a loooooong time, and has some serious bugs that basically stop it from working. Not worth the download. Frustrating, because TuneIn is great on other platforms


not reliably in windows 8

I love this app on my ipad... works every time. very poor reliability in windows. I'm always getting decode stream errors...


More promising in android and mac


Volume goes down when not in foreground

App not full volume if not in focus, rendering it pretty much useless in my view...


Don't work

Used to work now it don't connect


no search?

where the f are you hiding the search function?


Surface 2 Pro -v- Android

I have the Surface 2 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S2. The Android is fast and connects almost immediately (has to buffer as expected), but the Surface 2 Pro app is woeful, hardly ever get the connection. Sometimes I go back to the app and it decides to play when I don't want it playing so I close the app. Funny thing the Android phone is still playing in the background beside me. Also the win 8 version does not let you enter radio station criteria to search, it is menu guided - maybe a licence thing? I don't know, so the Android app wins again. I will give this app another 2 months waiting for a decent update, if there's no update it will be deleted.