Publisher: Senstic
2013 Senstic
Age rating: 3+


** Tape Recorder Pro has built-in support to export audio recordings. **

Put away your high tech gauges, and take a trip down the memory lane with Tape Recorder. Use it to record your meeting, interviews, class lecture, your friend's karaoke singing, or anything you like.

Tape Recorder is a fully functional voice recorder/player. Yet, it behaves exactly like a tape deck that you had back in the old days. You will be happy to know that all the familiar features and buttons are replicated here:

• Rec, Play, FFwd, Rew, Stop, Pause and Eject
• Volume meter
• Play clock
• Dual speakers
• Realistic cassette tapes
• Write protection lock

But wait, the Tape Recorder app has other features that your old tape recorder could never have dreamed of:

• Unlimited free tape supply
• Written notes directly on the tapes
• Ultra reliable tape transport (no more tape jams)

What's more, unlike other audio recording apps, Tape Recorder allows you edit the tape just like how you would edit on a real tape recorder. Simply ffwd or rewind to a tape location, and overwrite the tape by recording on it again.

With Tape Recorder Pro, you can even export the recorded tape to audio files, in common format such as WAV, MP3, WMA, and Mpeg4 Audio.

What are you waiting for? Get your Tape Recorder and start grooving!


  • Rec, Play, FFwd, Rew, Stop, Pause and Eject
  • Volume meter
  • Play clock
  • Write protection lock
  • Tape notes
  • Tape editing ability (i.e., tape re-recording/overwriting)
  • Unlimited tape supply
  • Audio export to WAV, MP3, WMA and Mpeg 4 Audio



Excellent App

This is perfect for recording quick sessions. The user experience is really fun. A few enhancements could be made: - Being able to select more than just the Microphone as the input. - Ability to continue recording even when in the background.


Fix the Problems

I spent money on it so I expect it to work, how do I listen to lectures if it freezes up on me and skips. please fix, it would work great if it worked. also the memory needs to be increased or at least a warning saying that hey it is full so it wont save the next recording



best looking audio recorder ever...


Very bad

maybe im a rookie, but I wanted this running while I took notes on onenote since the rt version doesn't have a record option - unfortunately it stops recording if you 'minimize it' that may be obvious to some but this is news to me as a new win8 user


Not Quite There

I was using this to record some very important meetings, and at first all was going well. Then the counter started to get out of whack on some of them. Today, it just stopped recording and I missed the whole meeting. I think it was better before the last update. Since it is not reliable I will have to look for another solution. Two stars for effort, and one for hope that it gets fixed. If not I'll have to come back and take away a star.


Works sporadically

Works sporadically. Now it works again. Overall very good idea and niceGUI


Not like this.

This recorder is rather impractical. It functions like tape recorder of old including waiting for tapes to rewind and fast forward. Its also buggy on my surface. No trial. Buyer beware. The only reason I'm not uninstalling is the hope that an update will complete replace and fix the current version. Two stars for the effort.


I doesn't work!

It is not working properly


Cute, fun

There's a free version, try that first -- go 'Pro' to be able to save in one of four formats, including mp3 (very handy). This app works well as an effective audio recorder, and it's real cute.





Perfect for me!

I'm attending college and I bought this app so I can record my class lectures. I use Windows 8 so I hit record and push it to the side screen and type notes on the other. After each lecture I name the tape and instantly convert it to mp3 so I can listen to them later. I was looking at buying a $70 voice recorder off amazon and glad I didn't. There is one problem I run into. Sometimes when you stop recording it freezes as its saving. Just close the app and reopen and it will be there.


Recommending Tape Recorder Pro

Great little app: simple functionality, good audio quality, excellent for conducting interviews or taking audio notes with the Surface RT. Old school but cool and well worth $2.99.



I tried recording my 3-piece band's rehearsals but no matter how far I place the Surface, the result is distortion. There is no microphone volume control. The Sentic website has nothing on it about this app and nothing about Surface. This app is ok for voice notes, but useless for live music. Support is difficult to access. It is pretty much a kid's toy, not a serious recording app. Also how does an unreviewed app have 4 stars?