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Your personalized Bible for reading and study. The AcroBible, Study Bible is a native, offline application designed for a fast interactive experience that makes it easy to search and navigate the Bible. It is loaded with features, including fast keyword or phrase search, verse tagging with keywords, daily reading plans, copy functionality, highlight functionality, note-taking, and more. Synchronize notes and highlights with

Get free translation downloads: ASV, WEB, YLT, Darby, RVA, LSG, AA

Get free study tool downloads, including Easton's Bible Dictionary, KJV with Strong's numbers, Greek NT, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, and Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary, Thompson Topics, Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, Daily Light on the Daily Path.

Purchase additional resources from in-app store: NIV, NAS, NKJV, ESV, NVI translations plus Drawing Near (John MacArthur), Morning and Evening (A. Begg ed.) devotionals.


  • Enjoy fast, interactive Bible experience
  • Search, tag, copy, highlight, and more
  • Get free study tool downloads
  • Synchronize notes and highlights online



Study bible review

Can't scroll first page


Still full of bugs

I rated this app months ago. I downloaded again to see if the issues were fixed. Bugs still remain, making the app unusable


Best I have found

In my opinion this is Best bible app fastest navigating for sure. But premium bible translations are a bit pricey.

Suresh and Beulah

Missing honeycomb navigation

I like this app and the books it allows to download. I primarily downloaded this for the benefit of the quick navigation from the honeycomb design it offers on the Android and Windows Phone versions. I do live interpretation of sermons and this navigation allows me to quickly jump to a verse. Will we get the Honey comb navigation option ported to the Windows 8 apps?


Great app ... Just needs a couple of things ...

For Surface this app is 100% spot on. But for those of using Windows 8.1 on PC's we need keyboard/mouse interaction. To go to next or previous page I have to click on right or left with mouse. It would be nice if I could use the page up/page down keys on keyboard or even the keyboard cursors for the same navigation. Another thing that would be awesome is a quick verse lookup where you can just type in verse reference to go right there. Presently you have to click book name in upper left corner to change books, and then click on the list of chapters, ...


Good free Bible

Like that you can add study tools as needed.



This Bible app is terrible, I have tried installing this app on six different occasions and each time it will start the immediately crash. This is why I am giving this app one star. I would also not recommend this app to any one.



I cannot look up a particular verse with this version. Not useful for this reason.


JEHOVAH in the old testament

This is a wonderful App and I'm very thankful for it. However, it is very troubling that the name of God JEHOVAH in the old testament, which is indicated by the term LORD in all caps in the KJV 1611 is not depicted correctly. There is now way to tell if the term Lord is referring to the Hebrew term Adonai or to God's proper name JEHOVAH. Is there any way you could correct this?


Add more bible versions

I like how execable it is but it needs different book versions


love it

Love it but I do not no how to surch for the ten con/mam. johnny1


Very nice

Works well with windows 8. Also provides the BEST bible ever and always, the KING JAMES Bible!


good but...

sooo many bugs and we have to pay to read it in good versions


Very good!

I would like to see some feature improvements (e.g. ability to EDIT notes, not just to delete them?) but overall excellent app!


Best Bible App for Windows 8

Verse of the day, red text, good navigation, good layout, everything you would want and need from a bible app. Could have used some more features, but it excels as a basic bible app. 9/10



very good App