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The most downloaded Windows Phone podcast application is now available for Windows 8! PODCASTS! brings you the ability to browse, search, stream, and listen to thousands of podcasts from around the world right from the comfort of wherever you're at. Stream both audio and video podcasts directly on your Windows 8 system anytime, anywhere. PODCASTS! now allows you to subscribe to your favorite podcasts and also download episodes for playback even when you're not online. And best of all - it's FREE!


  • - Stream audio and video podcasts for FREE!
  • - Subscribe to your favorite podcasts!
  • - Download episodes for playback even when you're not online!
  • - Automatically keeps track of your recently played episodes and where you left off!
  • - Quick and easy search!
  • - Background audio playback - fully integrated with the Windows 8 system audio controls!
  • - Fully supports rotation and snapped modes!
  • - Browse the catalog or add any podcast with an RSS feed!
  • - and much, much more!



Bloody brilliant!!!

Works 100%


Not bad

Wish I could sync with app on my phone like you can do with SlapDash. Good selection of podcasts in catalog, which is nice. Would like to be able to sort subscriptions with same catagories in catalog.


No OPML Import

I like the look, I wanted to like actually using it, but without OPML import, it's pretty much useless to me. I have a large list of podcasts, I'd like NOT to have to import them one at a time. OPML import should be a basic feature for any podcast listening app. Good effort, but needs more functionality. Thank you.


Needs more podcasts

I have no clue why this is, but podcast apps on mobile (Android, iOS) scrape the iTunes library for podcasts. This app doesn't do that which means the only podcasts available are those where someone somewhere went and found the RSS link and added it manually. That is an old hat solution and no one wants to go web hunting for RSS feeds to their favorite podcasts when there are options that scrape iTunes and do it for you.


Truly 5 star Podcast app

I wish it would have option to locate download folder and separate folder for particular Podcast rather than one common folder.


Glad to see it

Always enjoyed this app on Windows Phones and was very happy to see it here in the app store. Works fine, just wish there were a progress indicator for episodes that are downloading.


missing podcasts

looking for Android App Addicts Podcast it is on the Podnutz Network



Please allow a way(page) to see the specific podcasts that are downloaded....right now I see no way to do this. allow to continue in spot left off in other than these two I love this app and these 2 would make it perfect for me



The interface is a complete mystery, contrary to what it says you can't download anything, and it appears to have no organisational features for the podcasts you actually listen to. Give this one a miss.


Does not allow adding a podcast

Displays cannot access the Podcasts! catalog.


Sometimes great, sometimes not

A podcast continues to play when I leave the app 50% of the time and sometimes it just stops. Needs an update so that I can do multiple things without podcasts having to be open in a multi-window.





Needs update

Failed repeatedly when offline


Close.. Minor changes would help a lot.

Doesn't seem to want to run in the background which makes it not so great for multitasking. Laggy response on telling it to download podcasts, not really sure if/when it is going to download. Would be nice to just say "dl the most recent X episodes" instead of manually tagging each one. Makes it difficult to quickly stock up prior to a trip. I want to like it but I find myself wishing the basic functionality was more fleshed out and performant.



Shane and friends.


Needs work

Will not play in the background. Will not play when then screen goes to sleep. The selection of podcasts is nice, and the interface works well. Still, there's no way I'm going to keep this app snapped just so I can continue to listen to a podcast.



Fast, smooth. Just an all round well designed, functional app.


Nice looking - works well

nice app! good work. much better after I changed the background to black



Solid Podcast App



This is just about usable but is full of annoying little inadequacies that limit it's appeal. It seems totally random as to whether it will find the podcasts you want - I have it installed on a laptop and a tablet and I have successfully subscribed on one device to a podcast which it refuses to acknowledge the existence of on the other? Once you have subscribed the interface is a bit poor for seeing a new episode. Also not sure if it is actually downloading for offline playback or just streaming. I think the latter... no good if you want to listen offline. You should ideally have the option. Could be a lot better.


crap compared to apple products

How do U download?


Not clear

Not sure how to subscribe. Also, when searching, why be forced to supply an rss URL? I would think searching by name would be the go.



No way to view downloaded episodes, no way to remove default podcasts, no way to listen to podcasts when disconnected from wifi, no background listening, no listening with the screen off among other problems. Do not download this.


Good-looking but functionally lacking

Works ok, nice interface but needs more user function. e.g. it can download episodes but there's no way I can find of setting a location for the download, nor any indication where they went!


Still hangs and still cant watch offline -2 stars

podcasts (still) keep crashing out. stream hangs and have to kill off app. scrolling to a start point is poor. Ok you can download now.. But when offline you can't watch !!!!!! HUH!!! the basic's guys.. come on !!! seeing as you can only watch content LIVE I recommend using the desktop IE (on windows RT) and watching the youtube version.. it works, is reliable and you can scroll back and forward.. This app still needs extensive work.. I consider this an Alpha demo


Nice .. can't wait for future updates

Great app, exactly what i require and its works well. Keep the updates coming 😁


Problems, they are many.

The app doesn't seem to download the podcasts, but only stream them. There are strange blank squares all through the UI. There is no way to have unplayed podcasts listed and have them removed from the list as you watch them.


Too cluttered

The interface is too cluttered


Discovered how to download podcasts

In had this app installed with Windows 8 RT and it seemed okay, then it seemed to stop working when I went to Windows 8.1 RT, but there were some updates, so today I tried it again and it worked flawlessly. I searched for a few podcasts which it found no problem, and I also manually added a podcast no problem. It works with both audio and video podcasts. The layout is nice and clean but controls for audio are a tad small. The only change I would suggest would be to make our subscribed podcasts the first section in the list of podcasts. i.e. it would be nice to be able to customize the lists a bit more - I would probably remove all categories except my subscribed podcasts. This seems to be a common problem with a lot of apps - I don't really care about Featured or Trending stuff, so please let me turn that stuff off. Update: I've discovered how to download podcasts. On my tablet I just held down a podcast for a few seconds and a pop-up box appeared with an option to download!


Use to be a good app

As long as they remove the music playback I won't be able to rate higher than this this app, I don't know if this is due to an update because last week I would have I rate this 5 star since it all worked fine at that time. I can't open any other app if I want to listen to the music I have to keep the app open in the snap mode if I want the music to be played. Except from that good app, nice library.


great I have your pods

where are mine after all this is my comp not yours



awesome app


Doesn't work!!!

Doesn't work. 😒


Some podcasts just not found

I am an avid podcast listener and wanted to use my tablet for downloading podcasts, that I currently listen to on my Android phone using the excellent Beyondpod application . Podcasts! works fine except it seems unable to find a number of the podcasts I listen to frequently. Some of which are from the BBC, so not exactly obscure. Without being able to have all my podcasts in one place I therefore uninstalled this application.


Best podcast app in the Windows Store

Podcasts! is super easy to use and the built-in catalogue is helpful in exploring other podcasts. As others have mentioned, the ability to download for listening offline would be great, as would the option to pay for an ad-free version (the ads are pretty non-intrusive, however). Alan mentioned errors with some CBC podcasts. Not sure which side is to blame, but I consistently get errors on the Zune software when trying to download CBC podcasts. Podcasts! uses the Zune APIs, so that might be it.


I have grown to really like this App

Although there are a few nicities missing (like a clear indication you have viewed/heard a particular podcast already) this App seems to be the neatest podcast viewer available (and at a great price!)😁It does "drop out" too often though


OneCast for Android, PODCASTS! For WINDOWS!

I have an Android and found ONECAST best for android HOWEVER none exist for WIN 8. for WINDOWS I highly recommend this app. featured podcasts, Search for any podcast and it knows many of the ones I looked for. Allows d/L of the POD, easy to navigate, stable! Will keep this for windows. a GREAT APP!


Also on Phone

I picked this for one Simple reason: it's also on my phone. Works well enough that I won't be trying any others


Very good

Would love to be able to pin individual PodCasts to the start screen.


Crashes onload

This app crashes on load