Publisher: Akison Software
Copyright © 2012-2013, Akison Software
Age rating: 7+


A fast moving Asteroids tribute game updated with unlimited firepower and un-lockable power ups. Destroy wave after wave of meteoroids, grabbing their drops, before the pesky aliens arrive.

Designed for intuitive touch interfaces as well as keyboard controls. Modern graphics and animations including hyperspace that now animates so you can see where you're going to come back!


  • Hyperspace with spatial distortion
  • Missiles
  • Triple shot cannons
  • Next level advance
  • Time Dilation
  • Unlimited fire speed
  • Bonus points for meteor groups
  • Score multiplier for streaks
  • Death blossom
  • Pesky aliens
  • Leaderboards separated by play mode
  • Individual statistics
  • Tips system based on skill level
  • Playable menu screen