Publisher: Drew Linerud
Copyright © 2012-2014 Drew Linerud
Age rating: 7+


Margins is an elegant scripture reading application which includes the ability for you to record notes associated with each chapter in the LDS Standard Works and other installed titles and to create custom presentations including links to any installed content. Margins supports side-by-side viewing of content allowing you to access two locations at the same time (especially helpful for viewing a manual or custom presentation and it's scriptural references together). Margins also includes powerful searching of the entire text of the scriptures and other installed titles, as well as simultaneous indexing of study helps, easy to set bookmarks, a history of the 50 most recently viewed items, and scripture highlighting (as well as an index of marked verses).

These features (and the availability of select curriculum) make Margins a powerful tool for preparing and presenting talks and lessons. With no data connection required, you can use Margins to access your scriptures and manuals anywhere. Also, thanks to data roaming, you can prepare presentations in Margins on your desktop (using your keyboard) and the presentation will automatically transfer to your other Windows 8 devices (like your tablet) for presenting. No setup is required, just install Margins on both PCs using the same Microsoft ID (no additional charge for 2nd PC).

Available content includes the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, study helps (Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, Triple Combination Index and Guide to the Scriptures), Come Follow Me courses, Our Heritage, Gospel Principles, Hymns, Handbook 2: Administering the Church (2010), Gospel Doctrine manuals (student and teacher), JST (Bible appendix), Aaronic Priesthood Manual 3, Presidents of the Church Sunday School manuals (Joseph Fielding Smith, Lorenzo Snow, George Albert Smith) and General Conference addresses.

All installed content is fully searchable


  • Offline access to content
  • Custom Presentations
  • Side-by-side content viewing
  • Categorized verse marking
  • Notes
  • Search
  • Choose light or dark background
  • Auto-advance bookmarks
  • History of previously viewed items
  • Support for "Come Follow Me" (2014)
  • Adjustable font size
  • Full-Screen Reading Mode
  • Page numbers in select titles



Decent app

Looks great and is one of the few Standard Works apps available for Windows 8. Things I'd like to see: 1. Ability to underline just a word or phrase instead of an entire verse. 2. Ability to export my notes and highlights. 3.Ability to sort the material into folders (Sunday School, Priesthood, etc.)


Best LDS Scripture App on Windows 8

Not perfect, but very good. Certainly worth the small price. As the official LDS Gospel Library app for Windows 8 is still, for all intents and purposes, in beta, Margins is the way to go.


My bookmark function is not working,

Can anyone help:



Wish it would sync with login. Also when highlighting a verse it takes you back to the beginnings of the chapter. Irritating when reading a long chapter and needing to highlight several verses.


Lost all my notes

It's a nice app. I appreciate the idea. I try to be fair with my reviews so I managed to give this one 2 stars. I had a lesson planned for elder's quorum but all the notes I had written were lost. Not sure how.



Absolutely awesome!!! The presentations feature is great if you need to write a talk for sacrament meeting or for your Sunday school class.

R. Shane

No Joseph Fielding Smith manual?

Doesn't have the current manual.


Great! But a few suggested features.

Two things I wish it could do: 1) sync with my notebook on LDS.Org 2) After highlighting a verse I wish it would go back to that verse rather than up to the beginning of the chapter. Also along those lines I wish I could highlight parts of a verse and not the whole thing. In this way I could highlight different parts of the verse in different colors.


Very nice... just missing online sync

I am dying waiting for an app to come out that sync with my online notebook. This app is nice with some great features. If it could sync with my online account I would spend money easily for it.


Good app, please update and fix the bugs.

I still have an issue that when I have a lesson open and clock on a scripture link to open on the right, it takes a long time and opens the right chapter eventually but scrolled to the last verse. Sometimes it just crashes, mostly when clicking links. I rely on this and love the design, please fix. Can you also enable different size options for snapping? 50% would be nice to have. Also, links to videos in Come Follow Me would also be nice. Thanks! Your carrying us all until the church gets in gear for Windows.


Better with latest update

The application shows no page/section numbers in manuals such as Teachings of the Prophets. This makes the app very difficult to use. Please can you guys fix this! Also, any sign of back up available to protect markings and notes if everything goes bottoms up? Thanks and keep up the good work, great improvement with latest update...


well done

+very nice visual layout on my surface +I really like the 'talk creator' +I like how you can jump from footnote to footnote on the side screen -Couldn't find Ensigns in the program