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IM+ Pro. One app, all your messaging.

IM+ Pro supports all major IM services, including Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Skype chat, Google Talk, AOL/AIM/iChat, Yahoo!, ICQ, Vkontakte, Mail.Ru Agent, Odnoklassniki, Yandex chat, Mamba.Ru, Mig33, SINA Weibo, Renren, Fetion, Gadu-Gadu, MeinVZ and Jabber.

IM+ Pro features text messages and photo sending, supports group chats in Skype, AIM and ICQ, allows to add multiple accounts per service, lets you show your mood with personal status messages and customize application appearance, supports typing notifications and we're not done yet, new IM+ Pro features will keep coming!

IM+ Pro offers following features, which are not available in free IM+ application:
- Chat history
- Customizable Push timeout
- No ads

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IM+ uses your personal data to login to your instant messaging accounts. You will be prompted to authorize IM+ to use your personal data upon app launch.


  • Support for all popular instant messaging services
  • Free text messages and photo sending
  • Group chats
  • Multiple accounts per service
  • Typing notifications
  • Personal status messages
  • IM+ Pro supports chat history
  • IM+ Pro offers customizable Push timeout
  • IM+ Pro is ad-free




Nice IM product, easy to install, light resource consumption, easy to use


The Pro Version Keep's closing itself.

Well I used the Free version of this program for a few weeks before I purchased pro, never had an issue. I purchased the pro version and for some reason it just closes itself and I have to open the app again. It's happened 4 times in half an hour. Not one bit impressed with paying for it then having issues with it.



It's very convenient, clean, and very easy to use. I highly recommend it.


Great App... THANX

I had trouble with it the past... but as it turns out it was my computer not the app... since then my IM + Pro works fine haven't had problems in ages.


Very satisfied

Works great. Nice format. Very intuitive. Would love to see a text feature added.


Good but not great yet

Love the design but please fix the duplicate toaster notifications as well as the seldom crashes when snapping the app.


Pas terrible

Ça se ferme juste comme ça. Je vois pas tous les message que j'envoie. Alors, pas terrible


application is good but....

I use the iphone and Ipad versions already, this much better then those. Just needs more ability too switch between contacts and chat. Be nice to be able to download emails and it match. I give B+


Major Disconnect

The app is much too sensitive or unstable in its connectivity. I am frequently disconnected and if I maintain the app in a snap mode it loses much of its display quality, with disappearing text and graphics. I have tried different display resolutions to test the conditions and none of them are without issue. I have faith in the developers but I sincerely hope these are taken into consideration, its my only alternative for AIM. Another thing, Notifications need improvement. When a notification pops up for a message I am receiving, if I click the note, it brings the app up but then proceeds to repeat the notification...shouldn't hitting it once bring you right where it needs to be, instead of necessitating a second selection every time? I've actually recommended and installed more than once, make it worthwhile... =[


Works well.



Clunky interface

The app itself does what it's intended to do, but the interface is a little clunky. Part of the problem is Windows 8 penchant for full screen apps, but it's harder to get to actual chats than it should be. And you can't group contacts by name (eg. group the same person's Skype and Gmail account). The app keeps all contacts separate based on account.


convenient, but still has problems

this doesnt sync up well with google... not all the messages transfer between im+ and google chat


Getting better... and best available IM client

With earlier versions of IM+ Pro on Windows 8.1, I really couldn't recommend it. It crashed often, it lost messages. With the latest updates to IM+, it's gotten much better. It still won't allow contacts with square brackets in the name, but requires [] for their group chat bots. This allows us to chat with group bots if we're IMed, but not add them as a contact or a favorite. I wish the developers would fix this, but my previous emails went ignored. On the whole, it is a very good IM client for the Modern UI. It still has a couple of minor issues keeping it from being great.


like to see xbox and pss with msg on here

i real like to too see a xbox360 & up and ps3 & up chatting/msg because some time i like to chat with my gamming friends but im on going to just go to the game-unit just to do it and some time there do not have way for them to msg out side of there game-units i think it be real cool to have xbox360 & up and ps3 & up chatting/msg on im+ it top this app off big time... hope to see this idea asap


Help - I've figured out a lot of things but can't

It's ok. I shouldn't have bought it though.. I should have stuck with the free version as it wasn't worth paying for it. I only got it for Yahoo.


Probably the best IM service for Windows 8

Handles everything including multiple facebook accounts and Skype. really useful and worth the small bit of money.


There could be much more function.

There could be much more function in this app like video calling, file, photo sharing. There is significant difference between the desktop IM programs and IM+ Windows 8 app.


Great app

Great replacement for Google Talk


All messaging services in one.

Great app, able to put all my messaging services in one app and sync those message across my PCs and phones.



Does an absolutely amazing job of integrating with Google Hangouts.

Kazza Karen

IM+ not bad

Have had installed for over a month now, since windows 8.1 took away messenger, works well, but feel it interferes with Skype running, if have Skype account joined to it.


Messages more reliable on Free version???

Since upgrading to Pro my messages aren't as reliable which I hope gets fixed in the Pro app exclusively


Crashes regularly

Keep having to start and restart it, crashes to desktop regularly (Surface Pro 2)


Great App

This allows me to talk using my custom XMPP server and has a great interface.


The best so far

The best program so far to keep you in contact with all services at the same time in one tidy package.


excellent program

I use this program exclusively for my IM's and have had no problems with it. It allows me to chat using all the services I have with one program. Love it!



Excellent App


I like

It's not a bad chat aggregator at all. Very useful - no complaints so far


Parfait !

Tout simplement parfait ... !!


Works Great

Just wish there was video chat for yahoo


Good IM aggregator

In general it's a very good application from the messaging point of view. and after the most recent update it became more stable and file exchange seems to work better or finally for some IM. still restarting too often and history is lost from time to time However the stability on W8 is by far what I would expect: it crashes very often and although it automatically restarts and restores very fast it is still something the developer should look into.

Mr. Craig E.

My Review of IM+ Pro App

I have been using the IM+ Pro App for only one day. It is the very best Instant Messaging (IM) App available. I highly recommend this app to all other computer & IM users. Thank You Mr. Craig E. Whittington (Sydney NSW Australia.)


Still the only IM app worth using

So many IM apps out there and this one's still the only one that even comes close to measuring up. It's hideous as all get-out but it's responsive, laid out sensibly, stable and reliable. My only real criticism is just that it's not much to look at, but I value function over form by a long shot. IM+ FTW!


Still room to improve

I use the IM+ Pro everyday to chat with my friend who use Google Hangout and this messaging app works very well. However, there are bugs and compatibility issues need to iron out. That's why I gave 4 out of 5, there still room for improvement.


Works well

For what I use it for, Facebook Chat, Skype Chat, Gmail Chat it works well. Using it in split screen mode on Win8.1 is very easy and efficient.

Zhi Jian Jiang

good good

Put everything together, very handy to use :)


Online communications easily centralised

The tricky I found was remembering my platform usernames and passwords for all the differing modes of communication I've adopted over the years. Once it's done, online chat is a breeze.


Great app

great app would be good if it had a nicer chat box area (more stylish)


Great for Surface RT

Works really well on my Microsoft Surface RT tablet, had no crashes or issues, will connect to all the IM's I use. Hope it keeps being developed and new features added. Worth the small cost of the pro version, if only to support the dev.



ok I guess maybe a bit overpriced