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Age rating: 12+


Keep track of your food, exercise and body changes. Using this app helps you make more informed decision on your food choices, quantity, exercise level to achieve your fitness goals or to control your weight.

This app is unique in a way that all nutritional info of foods in our database are for 100g or 100ml of the food. So its easy and simple to log your food quantity without any serving size confusion. It provides hints for serving size.

No account signup required and no ads. Works completely offline, no internet connection required. Syncs to your other devices when internet is available.

Our foods database is a compilation of USDA(US Department of Agriculture), FSANZ(Food Standards Australia and New Zealand and data from the food manufacturers. No unreliable loads of unwanted data.

You can add your own foods to database and create your home cook recipes. Can be used as a recipe book too with nutrition info of each recipe.


  • Keep track of your food, exercise, activity level and body measurements
  • Visualise your food intake, energy burned, body measurements with charts and graphs. Now with zoomable charts.
  • Shows your BMI in chart
  • Works offline, no account signup required, ads free
  • all database per 100g(or ml) nutritional info
  • create your own home cook recipes and find their nutritional info
  • Units kJ or Cal, lb or Kg, cm or inch. Enter foods to tracker in grams or ounces.
  • ability to backup and restore your history and your recipes
  • Visualise daiy consumption for individual nutrients and customised set targets values for each
  • Track your daily water consumption and sleep



doesn't work properly

I've had to un-install 3 times now and each time have lost my data


Poor defaults

The database defaults to restaurant foods. As I prepare most of my own foods I am forced to locate and select what should be the default raw foods. Also have been unable to update my weight. Too frustrating and time-consuming for the money.


Very pleasing

Happy with this app, it does well and I have found the database easy to add to. My only wish would be that I could turn off the American data and just stay with the Australian / New Zealand data plus my own custom entries and somewhere to add food notes for a day. Future improvements to be considered, possibly a place to journal.


very helpful

very nice! I love this app. having to put in my lazy day encourages me to get up and do something! very good to help keep track of all your information


Very helpful

Great App. for keeping track of health goals. The one thing that I wish it included is a place for notes in the meal recording and just in general.


Food Exercise & Body Tracker

There is a lot of food information available, but if adding a food item to the database, it is ONLY shown in 100g servings, and does not allow to input serving size from Mfg. label. If a serving size is 33g, you have to manually figure out the nutrition information for your food addition. The app should allow for input of what a serving size actually is for an added food. Also, if adding a food to the tracker, it only allows for measurement of ounces or grams. I think it needs to allow for input of cup incremental as well as measuring spoon tsp. and Tbsp. information. I will probably not be using the app since it is not very user friendly.


Limited capability

For individual user only. Cannot track spouse or kids. Apps does not allow to add user food. It might be a glitch as the ads said we could


One of the best

This is a fantastic app to track almost everything you need. The latest update makes it even better with charts able to zoom. There is lots of options to customize and it works without any internet connection. Nice to create my own recipes and add it to tracker. I like the repeat function where you can set foods, exercises, sleep time to repeat everyday. A good app. Extensive foods database but would be great if the database comes with lot of recipes.


Nice update, thanks.

Been using this app for a while. Nice app. The latest update with ability to enter foods in ounces makes it much easy than before. I like the new zoom able chart, nice addition. I also like the level of settings this app provides like setting activity level for each day, setting targets for carbs, fats, cholesterol etc.. Overall nice app. Can improve the database with more brands. Others have specified its all in metric but you can change the default units in settings.


bug! the app don't even open! do not buy this

I bought This app yesterday but I was never able to see the first screen. I click on the app but nothing is happening beside that it is trying to load and it's closing by itself. they rob me 4.99


Great idea and well executed but poor for UK users

This is actually a pretty good package, the only issue is that it lists almost no UK foods and finding the foods it does list is very hard amongst the reams of foods I've never heard of and can never buy. Also, while it's easy to log fast food meals, logging home cooked meals is much harder. Any system that won't let you log a cup of tea isn't designed properly, to my mind!



Biggest problem is required information is in metric, does not appear to have a imperial weight or height option.


Great app for cholesterol and food intake control

Works great, should have calories option instead of KJ. More food in database will be great. Also zooming of charts will be great.. but great effort


I like it

Nice app, lot of options to customize. Good database with hints. Would be the best with little improvement. I see many quick updates by the developer in the details, will look for an update.


Work in Progress that doesn't work

Looks like this is a first attempt at software development. The interface is overly complicated for a touch screen and the Metric system and unreliable lookup for food items make it unusable for type interfaces. The LiveStrong app is much better for now.


So so

Great idea, but I like to see how many calories I have consumed and burnt, this only tells you in KJ which doesn't mean much to me. Plus it wants the weight of everything, who weighs their food?! Not really worth the money


much better than web based tracker

Using this app feels much better than a website with tons of ads and moving between multiple pages. A good app, but still can improve.


Great offline app

A beautiful all in one app. Tracks everything and lot of settings to customize. The last update with target daily values settings is very useful to me. I came to know that I am consuming way more cholesterol everyday than recommended after using this app. Well thought out app, good database. Has FSANZ and USDA database, but I prefer USDA as it has cholesterol and fiber nutritional values. The graphs can be improved, overall a great offline app.


Needs work

Cannot get access to options once set at the beginning. Also cannot change target values as stated under % graphs. Maybe this is in the options part of the programme that cannot be accessed.


Money Wasted

The app is stuck on the initial screen asking for DOB and other details. I made it past this screen once only to find the app was stuck on loading the food database. I restarted my computer with the same result. I'm very disappointed as this seemed like it might be good database for tracking diet and exercise.


Decent app

After some initial installation issues, the app itself is good so far as I have used it. I wish there was a way to track measurements other than weight, however.


App needs finishing

As other reviewers have mentioned, this is a handy App to track food intake versus exercise expended. After using the App, I would suggest the developer needs to look at: (1) food database needs search facility - it took me 5 minutes to edit item starting with 'V'; (2) food database needs a re-design, the legend takes up too much space, that could be used to show entries; (3) App crashes regularly when entering and searching food items on the main page. App would be great with a bit more work.


I like it. Works well.

Good app to track my food, exercise and body.


Good App

Nice app. Easy to track foods. Good concept. Gives you exact info about your eating habit if used regularly. Like where this is going.


Well done.

Great app. I have used a few websites for calorie tracking, but this app is outstanding. Having all the food database in per 100g values is actually easy for me just enter the foods I eat in grams. This can track all my body measurements and show in charts. Has the Australian Food Standards database, including USDA. Good database with hints poping up for serving sizes.


- from the developer

Sorry to rate my own app. There is no other way to communicate to a reviewer. To the other reviewer who mentioned there is no way to add foods to tracking list - If you fill up all the rows in the tracker, more empty rows will appear at the end of list. To add your own foods to the foods database there is a button in the bottom app bar in the foods list page. * Please contact app support if you are facing more problems.


Good concept, but not perfect

The concept and the data points and tracking are great. However, the food list is not working well and there's no obvious way to add more food items to the tracking list....Not worth the money at this point. Hopefully an update will fix the food list and then it'll be worth every penny!