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It is a complete application overhaul reflecting the spirit of F1 - its fast, its racy! We bring you an exclusive look and feel on the most exhilarating sport - be it the content, transition, real time updates, commentary or news its all in a new package. You just can't stop looking at it.

A quick description of what you can expect:

Providing a drilled down detail of what's happening in every lap, this screen sources information
across all GP events - practice, qualifying or live race. Enjoy live commentary and real time lap
changes - get to know everything from whether the safety car is out to whose leading in which lap.

A detailed page with driver & team content for 2013. Get to know them all, their statistics and history.
Every swipe and every transition reminds you of F1 and its style.

See who's won and where they stand - whether its the team or driver. An array of interesting screens including
Podium finish, Swiping statistics, Real time blogger feeds, Overtaking animations and more will keep you glued
to F1Live!!!

Download now to see it all yourself:


  • Live Race
  • Team Details
  • Latest Driver and Constructor standings.
  • Driver Details
  • Schedule



Needs updating

Totally pointless !! After launch won't connect to internet ?? Is app confused..... Has not been updated since end of last season !! Don't waste your time downloading !! Disappointed.......


Doesn't Work 2014

Installed January 2014. App always gives error saying that it can't connect to the internet.


Vgood. But keeps saying cannot connect to internet

Good design





Poor app

Poorly designed and not optimised for multiple devices, doesn't seem to work with local time and some of the information is outdated.


Schedules are wrong

Hi there, looks good, but the schedules are all wrong - looks like the data feed is in UTC, and converts to Australia (Melbourne) time wrong, so the Singapore night race shows as starting mid-day!



Amazing animations make this app fantastic.Best F1 app ever!!


hooo hoooo.. cool!!!!!!

Nice to use.. great job guys. I loved it!:-)



Text spills over, images missing, nothing of interest here. I am de installing after 10 mins


Not good

there are quite a lot of wrong info and especially, this use the North Korean national flag for Korean Grandprix. Korean Grandprix is held in South Korean. Hope this will be corrected soon.


F1 Live

Not impressed with this at all on sunday it said 5 hrs till start of next race and race was due to start in about 30 secs, no live reports on the race. stick with the F1 official site


Running standings?

Missing running standings for season 2013 (only last race available), seasons 2012, 2011 well arranged. Nice app.


n1 one

but please make it possible to Change to local time :)


F1 Live

When ready to be updated this app does not let me download the update that are available nor do anything but click on the windows button. Bummer!!! I cannot use any other app.


useful app

need some fixes


Somewhat disappointing... :-/

A nice approach, yet design feels somewhat basic. I miss cars info section. Tracks info section also lacks corner speeds, g's, etc., info...


Not quite there

The app is cool, and the data is there, but the main page is not easily accessible, and doesn't update automatically. Or at all, as far as I can tell.


Teams update?

It's already the second race weekend of F1 and the Teams in the app still show last years drivers. More info on the Live aspects of the app would be nice.


live races

I cant seem to access the live races sky have it all' I thought this was a way to watch f1 live, seems not, please can someone tell me how its done?.


Not great

While having the next round and count-down timer is great, and access to results is handy, the app really doesn't measure up. It takes days after the qualifying/race to post update, has the team listings all wrong (HAM still at McLaren, SCHU at Merc, etc.). Can only display the top 15 results of the 22 because of a badly-placed ad. Needs a lot of work.

Pedro Elias


error en la hora, error en McLaren aparecen s.perez y button


Nice App need a few more features though.

Not a bad app loads pages quickly on Surface RT. would love to see live timing though




Just waiting for the season to start

It seems to be a really good app, integrating driver, team and news all together. It'd be nice if some of the photos were updated, and just thumbnails instead of trying to cut out the image. Also, some of the team driver information is not updated. It still says that Hamilton is still with McLaren.



Cool interface and lots of info


F1 2013

Is this gonna be updated for 2013? if not it seems kinda pointless now.....


Really nice and well laid out

Good content although would be nice to aggregate from more sources like espnf1 and others.


Great app Very Nice Layout

This is a very nice app which have up to date information about all the races and news around F1. I really like it