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The Edco Learning app is an innovative and interactive app, which enables students, teachers and parents to access all of their educational content on their Windows 8 device.

The app also provides access to a wide range of subject specific resources and multimedia content such as high-quality videos, audio tracks, podcasts, revision notes, solutions, animations and lots more. All content is synced automatically to Edco Learning’s platform, enabling students to access their content wherever and whenever they choose. This robust back-up of content for each student, provides both schools and students with the security and reassurance required for the positive adoption and use of educational e-books.

An Edco Learning account is required to use this app. Please contact to request a trial account.

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  • Experience the power of Edco Learning’s HTML5 Interactive Books!
  • A selection of our e-books have been innovatively re-designed and re-engineered for tablet devices and offer an unrivalled cutting-edge user experience.
  • These e-books deliver a media rich, interactive online and offline experience, with streamed and embedded audio and video.
  • Users are also provided with a selection of custom-made educational tools allowing them to easily access content, draw, highlight, annotate, search the book/Wikipedia, revise definitions & much more.