Publisher: Tree Branch Studios
Copyright © 2013, Christian Carlsson, Tommy Carlsson
Age rating: 7+


For a LIMITED TIME only, the full version of the game will be FREE to download!

In Cheese Cutter your mission is to cut the cheese from the bench and drop it to the ground to feed the mouse.
Simply drag your finger or cursor over the cheese to make a cut. This gameplay mechanic gives endless solutions to the puzzles!
With some really fun physics and good gameplay this game will keep you occupied for quite some time.
Even if you found one way to solve a puzzle, usually there are more! Use your imagination!

When you buy this game you will get a level editor where only your imagination will set the limits.
If you have maps you would like to share with us you can contact us at and maybe your map will be in the game!

Tree Branch Studios consists of two developers doing work on their free time, if you like the game please support us by buying it and rating it 5 stars!
Time to stop reading this description and start playing this awesome game!


  • This challenging puzzle game offers 50 different innovative and challenging maps.
  • The full version features a level editor where you can make your own levels to challenge your friends or just to play around with the physics.
  • Every puzzle has a star rating to make the game last even longer!
  • Download the trial to access 8 different maps free!