Publisher: Refrelent Software Lab
Copyright 2012, 2013 Refrelent Software Lab, LLC
Age rating: 12+


Thousands of free books in EPUB, MOBI, FB2, TXT formats at your fingertips.

Thousands of free books from multiple sources of open publications, such as Guttenberg, Flibusta, FeedBooks, FreeBooks, ManyBooks, etc. Customizable OPDS catalog browser available to download books. Can import books from local files and by direct web URLs.

Great reading experience with quality fonts from a customizable font list, font size and font family selection, animated page turning, quick page formatting for different orientations. Margins and line spacing settings. Night reading mode. Convenient page navigation using table of contents, reading progress bar, hyperlinks, bookmarks, page turning history.

Book library organizer allows with different ways of sorting and grouping (by authors, genres, titles, sizes, publishing time, download time). Most recently read books are easily available using "I am reading" list.

Allows for the reader to set bookmarks, highlight pieces of text with different colors and add notes. Can copy and share individual highlights and quotes as well as the whole collection of marks from a book.

Uses Windows8 contracts for sharing book links between apps such as Mail or Quick Note - into or out of your library.


  • Recognizes books in EPUB, MOBI, FB2, TXT formats
  • Download books from internet links (URLs)
  • Download books from OPDS catalogs (has a big list of built-in catalogs and allows using your own links to catalogs)
  • Import books from files on local machine
  • Supports bookmarks, highlights and notes
  • Integrated with Mail, IE and note taking apps via "share charm"
  • Nice page turning experiences (sliding, or 3d)
  • High performance with big book formatting, rotating and resizing
  • Allows to choose font family and font size
  • Supports Table Of Contents
  • Quick page preview using Reading Progress bar, with ability to jump to any page.
  • Color themes for daylight and night reading
  • Page history storing jumps within a book via table of contents or hyperlinks
  • Rich book content format using all features of HTML5 (tables, images, SVG, CSS)
  • Custom fonts - user can define her own font palette
  • Margins and line spacing can be adjusted
  • OPDS catalog list customization



The best reader app I have seen

It's very fast! Handles all file types that I know of. And very powerful at organizing your library. I'm very happy with it!


book bazaar

This site is bull sh-t I originally loved it. Now Tueble and Many books don't work at all even though I have e-mailed them and Book Bazaar I have received no fixes and no answers So from a 5 to a --1 I am disgusted!!!!!


All I Need

This app has all I need. Large file support, many adjustors in reading text. Not, exactly, all I want, however. The interface could use some work — highlighting, and other forms of annotation, are harder than it should be. Not terribly inconvenient, no, but certainly not as easy as it is in other platforms (like the Moon+ Reader). Changing color of highlights, while possible, requires more time and commands to reach than should be strictly necessary. Some color highlights are also too dark, or too bright to effectively be a highlighter.


Like a normal book but so much better.

I love the ability to read tons of books, and I can customise o my size and writing style.


Great App!

Much better than most free book apps, love that it has contrast settings too!.\

Great book app

It has a nice, easy to use interface. I use it mostly for reading epubs, and its great for organizing them too.


Works pretty well

This app works pretty well, I like the way the books look like when you read them. I just wish you were able to search in your library. I had no problem uploading free books, but when I tried to upload a borrowed ePUB book, it would not work. I would like to have that fixed. Otherwise, this appears to be a nice app.


Can crocodiles climb trees and Charlie white datin

Wake up to the cat curling sport and Charlie white dating Jeremy Abbott boyfriend wreck


Good but could be great.

I really use this app a lot for studying epub books. So what improvements I think could be made are that I'd like to be able to underline, and there need to be more colors to highlight with, or at least be able to change the opacity since some are really too dark.


Great app

now to begin to learn thank you


Great app

Great app, but it would be better with a dictionary and more integration with Calibre.


Mediocre at best

Regularly loses your place in books, even during the same session of running the app. If you back out of a book, to windows or back to your library, you are likely to be returned to the beginning of you book. Lots of good features otherwise, but this is an absolute deal killer.


Where is Epub Pop up feature

Not bad although not too stable. It would need a pop up feature for reference as the modern reader app and we would be ok. It takes you instead to the reference and you will have to navigate back to your reading. Not convenient


Best w8 eBook reader

I love the flick animation when turning pages


nice app

very impressive to see that one of my pdf books is slow to render with my ipad but it is fast with this app.



Too slow in loading books from selves



This is a very good reader, I have had it installed on my Surface for about four weeks and am very pleased with the layout and all the little tweaks of the programme. The lack of an integrated dictionary is the only negative I can find, therefore the reason for not giving five stars. (Perhaps in the next update)? Len.


Good App

I think this is the best app for reading EPUB and PDF files. I love how you can highlight, make notes, change book information and use other cool features. Some things I would really like to see in future versions is the option for continuous scrolling (no pages) as well as lighter highlight colours. Something I find annoying is that when there is a link in a book, it takes you to a separate page. On iBooks on my previous iPad, a little box would pop up showing the text when you pressed on the link, rather than going to a whole separate page.


Best eBook app discovered to date

Since purchasing the Surface I have struggled to find an app that meets my eBook requirements. Book bazaar reader does this. It allows for easy adding of books to your personal library from various locations and has a very simple user interface. Reading capabilities are up there with the rest with sufficient settings to cater for most users. Most of all, and what stands this reader out against others is the ability to group books in your library by author, title, etc.



Love the turning pages, very nice layout with lots of customization, and easy to use. No clutter, no fuss. By far the best epub reader from the windows store.


Pretty Good App

Its a ok app for underlining and adding notes to any epub file. But would be better if it could support other file formats.


Exceptional App

Works well with large collections... very nice organization options. I would rate it five stars if it had a nice configurable live tile for each open book. It would be nice to see a description page for a book before it is opened with an internet metadata retrieval option. It also could use a way to edit and display the publish date for each book and a book title overwritten on medium and large thumbnails. But hey.. its almost there.. and the best reader of ALL of them available.. I've tried them all.





Great Metro Reader

This is a great, fluid and elegant app for ebooks using the Metro UI. Great to use on a tablet or a non touch laptop, although in the latter case, a lot of the app's functionalities sort of lose their interest. Very nice animations when using the different functionalities of the reader.


Fantastic App

Have been using it for awhile for my .mobi files and has been fantastic. Was wondering if you could add functionality to search and pull eBooks from my documents on my pc automatically as many of my books are within separate folders under author and titles and take a while to add individually. Also please, please, please can you do a windows phone 8 app


Flexible Reader

I like the flexibility f this reader and the lifelike page turning. I would like to see a dictionary look up fuction.


Absolutely Fantastic!

Searching for an EPUB reader for my Newspapers and reading the positive reviews, I decided on this one. It is really good; it even brings up the 'Content' stories of my paper and I can click on which headlines I wish to read and it takes me right there. It does have the odd ad, but for a free product its expected but definitely not intrusive. Flipping the pages is seamless and easy and the font size selection is perfect. I so, so recommend this highly. A big thank you to the developers!


Best free epub reader

Best free reader I have tried. Text marking very accurate. a very good app well done. I bought the ad free version. continually improving. Very reasonable price. Like to see more formatting options.


Book Bazaar Reader

Tres bon lecteur ouvre tous les fichier pdf epub et bien plus. Mais devrais avoir aussi la langue Francaise merci


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Amazing!☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ I've already read 4 books with this app. I use it for school sometimes, so it's nice that I can have multiple books open at once. It lets you jump back to place you were reading before, even if you started another book. PFD support would be a plus, but this app does everything it says, and has nice UI configuration options. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Simply the best

As an iPad user I thought I'd miss iBook - iPad's fantastic ebook reader. However, Book Bazaar Reader turned out to be a decent replacement. I tried almost all other readers and eventhough there are a coupe good looking ones, only this app really works. I mostly read technical books on tab and these books tend to be tens of megabytes. When others failed, Book Bazar did the job.



Mais pourquoi pas en français cet app ??


Best of the lot

Tried most on the store and this is easily the best. Love the animated page turn, easy to add books to your library, bookmarking easy and lots of options to play around with.



great easy app, actually works well,


Not bad

Good set of features couldn't figure out how to read footnotes though



Great reader.. would be incredible if it supported PDF as well.


Great epub reader

Best epub reader by far. Nice work. Would like option to increase font but still all good.


Loving it

I have tried quite a few of the windows 8 aps for eBooks, and this one is the only one that didn't crash when loading my library. Instead of crashing it told me it had a problem and I was able to skip that book and move on to the next one. Reading experience also good. I would have liked the font comic sans, but you can't have everything. So far, extremely pleased.



When it worked it was pretty good, then one day froze up. Tried to reload but refused to do so.