Publisher: HobbiSoft
Copyright © 2012, HobbiSoft
Age rating: 16+


The streets are getting rough. Something's not right with Mayor of Oakland. Get ready to battle dang hippies and union leaders and learn the secret. Why is the Mayor closing down Oakland? A satirical parody on classic Role Playing Game. Hilarious dialog, sounds, graphics and action!

Taking the classic turn based fighting sequence to the street level, battle through funny quests, hilarious spells such as “Tro your Panties” to defeat the stinking liberals and other hilarious characters. Find out why the Mayor of Oakland is up to no good! Approximately 2 hours of game play end to end. ($1/hour entertainment ratio)


  • Explore Oakland and the Streets
  • Engage in Turn Based Team Attacks



A Pimp RPG

The game is fun and exciting. I just wish it would save, so that I wouldn't have to start over each time.


No reply from support, what gives?

Game closes at bad times, and will not load saved game. Fun until you actually get into it.


What more can I say

It must have taken a buttload of hours to make something unplayable. Kudos


I'm a PIMP!!!

Never even thought someone would try this


Funniest RPG

I didn't think it would really be a pimp with chicks, but the chicks "tro do panties" I like the music too.



No way.


BUT its kind of mature and all that but its kind of weird I stopped playing and I only played 5 minutes its not a game im looking for and you only fight and get money and buy stuff and walk a round I don't suggest you should play it but its a little fun but I wouldn't play it if I was you


mouse pointer is off line

When I point the mouse on a icon function it does not work.You have to point the mouse at point about 10 inches lower and to the left of the icon function to make it work on my 50 inch tv screen.I can't access anything on the bottom part of the screen.


It's all about the humor

Great to see this game make it to Windows 8! Looking forward to more from you.


Being Fair

Game needs lots of work but based on what you've done so far you could put more time into this and make it better. Look at other games and how their ui works because that is where this is lacking... I will update this if the game gets updated but right now its pretty much unplayable...



I cannot believe this is a game! No it doesn't take talent or skill to play (though it is quite longer than I thought it was), I cannot believe the characters!! It's a little shaky compared to modern games, but it grows on you. The music is actually pretty good. You have to make it to the Mayor. I just about fell over laughing. LIVE ON BIG DADDY