Publisher: Brainstorm
Where's Waldo? is a game made by Brainstorm © 2013.
Age rating: 3+


Find Waldo! Your aim is to search for Waldo. Waldo is the little guy wearing a red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses. Find him and just tap him to complete the level.

Where's Waldo? is an app made by Brainstorm (c) 2013. Original game Where's Waldo was created by British illustrator Martin Handford.




this is a fun game but way to short! my daughter and I were very disappointed that there were only ten screens. Would have been much better if there were more.



Level 6 freezes. Finally had victory of finding him, but doesn't acknowledge my success. I uninstalled and re installed, but no luck.



I love this game but I can not find waldo anywhere In level 6 the jurastic games I spent ages looking for him


It doesn't work.

I have been stuck on the first page forever, I found waldo, and ALL of his friends and when I click on him it does nothing... I love Waldo games... this is very disappointing. :(


Very Bare and Basic

No options, not even to turn off the audio. You have to click on the face, you can't click on the body itself. The images are randomized, so there is no difficulty progression, or a choice to go from easiest to hardest. This is basically scans from a where's Waldo book with a face shaped button hidden in the picture. I would think something more interesting would be done for a digital version, or at least find higher quality images.



I founbd waldo but not let me pass the level or click on him...


The Beach Scene-2

Ok so im pretty sure that this is just me being stupid but i cant find him here.. Any help?



I love "where's Waldo" it brings back memories of being a kid. Could you please add more pictures, and the text that was in the books would be nice too. There was so many more things to find then just Waldo. In every picture he lost a piece of his gear (and sometimes his shoe) and got separated from his wizard friend, girlfriend, and niece


Not Enough!!

I was really disappointed to find that the "10" levels were only 10 different scenes..When I finished and the home page came back up I clicked the "play" button and it of course brought up the levels and I saw they were all the ones I had done..Really? Out of all the Where's Waldo books there are and all the cool extras at the end of the books that you could look for, why couldn't they include all of those things too?it would have made it a lot more fun and a lot longer than 10 scenes!i am very disappointed with this, so much that there is no reason to keep it installed, so glad it was a free game!!


It is alright

If you used to read 'Highlights" as kid, and found Waldo, then this is really easy (even level 6). None of them took more than a few minutes. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, the only real problem is that there are only 10 levels, it would be nice if there were more.



Got to level 6 and I keep tapping on him but the app will not register.


Needs more levels!!!

Beat it within a matter of 1 hour legit, pretty easy just needs more levels and possibly a hint per level, thank you very much


Lame app

Sensitivity of the touch screen is weak and levels feel broken


Works half the time

Clicking on Waldo only works half the time and in order to advance to the next level you need to click on him. Can get very frustrating at times.


where`s waldo

great game till you get to level six then it cheats cos waldo aint there


Where the fluck is Waldo on level six

I have been looking for Waldo for over 5 days I have come to the conclusion that Waldo is not present on that level. If someone would be kind enough to help me find Waldo or just tell me where he is I will gladly rate this game 5 stars cuz I love this game.



First scene the wrong character is tagged. Terrible start!

Steve and Tessa

Pictures too grainy to see

No good on a normal laptop size screen




Good, need more levels

It was fun but the lack of levels meant the game ended quickly



Was good but not long enough.. done in an hour


It's good but not great

I enjoyed it thoroughly but it is the best I gave it three stars because I do love Waldo but I didn't give it four or five stars because I am not that generous and it is not the best game, that is just my opinion though you can think what you want!!!



Waste of time downloading


Enjoyed it ... but...

Enjoyed this, being a Where's Waldo/Wally fan, but playing this on a 1900x1200 screen ( Windows 8) makes most of the images very muddy and extremely pixelated. Puzzle 6, the Jurassic Games, was impossible to finish as Waldo/Wally was a couple of black pixel dots - I had to cheat to find him via Google search. Even then I had to start clicking randomly about where he was to get past the level. Only 10 puzzles, would love to see more, and in higher definition. Otherwise I loved the music and the app's concept as a whole :)


Where's What?!

Game doesn't work, Level one I found 'Waldo' and clicked and even tapped on the touch screen on him to move onto the next level and it didn't work. no point in wasting time



Ive found Waldo hiding behind a green and a yellow Dino on level 6 but I can't click him nothing happens which is sad cuz I like the game


I love the idea

I'll ignore the obvious copyright infringement. The Where's Waldo books are fun, and this game attempts to bring the experience to the PC/tablet. The scans are low resolution and you can't zoom or pan, so you have to find a few pixels that resemble Waldo. The images are inconsistent in their quality, resolution, colour saturation, and contrast. Some have been scaled (stretched) without maintaining the aspect ratio.


Great game, okay app

The art is wonderful and it's a fun game. Unfortunately this app stretches the pages to 16:9 which fattens everyone up and makes the game a lot harder.


Very Fun

Keeps you looking for ages- Highly recommended.


Loved it

Only it was short